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The head/heart balance is lost in most organizations.

Our ambition is to unleash ‘the Heart’ at work.

The Heart at Work program® touches common ground. It connects people through the values they share.

Manifest behaviour, intentions, values

Our aspiration is to combine the best in the world of theatre, music, film, change management, communication and education.

The ‘Heart at Work’ program facilitates an organization wide quest for values, through which participants will identify those individuals who already embody the change they want to see!

‘Becoming the change you want to see’ requires two steps. First you have to become aware of what the desired state means in daily practice. And once there is a clear picture you need the courage to act!

The Heart at Work® program:

  • Involves every employee in designing and realizing the cultural change they want to see;
  • Translates values like inspirational leadership, client orientation, commercial empowerment, courage, innovation, passion and teamwork into concrete behaviors;
  • Moves organizational strategy beyond the conceptual to become a real work of heart!;
  • Let Spirit enter work by focusing on common values. It brings the ‘Collective’ into awareness and will grow the quality of working Cooperation;
  • Will facilitate a unifying process, focusing on real issues that are manifested through both team and individual responsibility.

Our partners are very experienced in capturing the organizational reality in words, sights and sounds.

This combined effort brings you an unprecedented experience. The organization wide quest for values makes sense and is fun at the same time!

The program is extensively described under ‘Articles’.

The Heart at Work® program is produced by Heart Matters and

Plezant, Walter Supèr & Tom Meulman

Photograph Walter Supèr en Tom Meulman

Plezant produces musical theatre productions around work and live. Their performances aim to confront and inspire society by creating a ‘mirror’ of real live on stage. Central in their work is the struggle between Head and Heart. Tom (composer) and Walter (scriptwriter) wrote and performed around 100 different musical theatre performances in the past 10 years.

Ruud Bisseling

Photograph Ruud Bisseling

Ruud has produced and directed documentaries for both Dutch Television and businesses. In his documentaries he captures passion and commitment.


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